Hey there ! Melanie here , call me mel tho <33 im 18 and live in floridaaa =D Scorpio <3 i love it when my followers msg me ^.^ so go ahead , Dew ittt ! i love you guys <3 bye now ^.^
I need someone too play me in blackops2 nowwww! &gt;.&lt;
Pweaseeeee ^.^ Add Meeee! :DD
Gamertagg; ZootedSkitty21 
Dew Itttt! &lt;3
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    Lol no just no. Have you ever played me on xbox? No so how would you know? Stop being so judgmental -.-
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    You’ll kick my ass in a console shooter in which all you have to do to get kills is us OP loadouts, and rely on the...
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